Portrait Photographer Manchester

"Portrait Photographer Manchester"Just had a booking as a Portrait Photographer Manchester the couple in question were wedding clients a couple of years ago and have recently added to their numbers with a beautiful baby daughter. I always advise parents that best time to start capturing their family on film is as soon as the baby in question is able to sit up unaided is the time for them to visit my Manchester studio.

As a Manchester Portrait Photographer it always nice to see familar faces and I feel very priviliged to be chosen to capture a wedding, then also to capture a family growing, talking of children, I did a full days casting shoot yesterday at the Linton Agency in Bury, similar to families I have their business grow over the years to become one of the countries leading agencies, providing actors for a host of tv shows.

To finish off my blog as a Portrait Photographer Manchester I have attached a recent shot of a baby portrait session, where I used my new lens I’ve recently purchased. The Canon 35mm 1.4 lens is particularly good at giving depth and field to a subject matter, so I’m looking forward to producing some memorable work