Professional and Creative Headshots

When booking a headshot session at my Manchester studio my aim is to capture the expression and personality of each and every person utilising my 25 years experience and skillset that heavily focuses on the session alone, not behind a computer in post production and airbrushing.
My unique style ensures your headshot will stand out from the crowd through carefully considered lighting and direction, and my philosophy is a good headshot should be a true reflection of the person and yet a flattering and natural likeness without the use of artificial enhancements. This allows the sitter to walk away with a selection of their favourite images on the same day, minimal enhancements are available but often not necessary.

Please feel free to contact myself with any queries or to schedule a session for an actor’s or business headshot. Clients requiring social media headshots such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook are all welcome along with professional website headshot photography that can also be arranged on site.

Thank you

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Headshot Photographer | Social Media Headshots | Manchester

As a Headshot Photographer Sandi Hodkinson understands how to perfectly capture a person’s personality through photography. When you require a professionally taken headshot for your business page, Linkedin profile, training course or anything else, Sandi can ensure your headshot communicates who you are, making you stand out from the crowd.

Social Media Headshots are an important visual communicating tool that will enable you to reach out to the right people. Having a professional headshot taken says as much about who you are, your business or product as the written word. Sandi is able to capture your personality traits through the camera lens, bringing your characteristics to life in the process.

Based in Manchester, Sandi Hodkinson is a renowned commercial photographer who is able to put clients at ease with her friendly, professional manner. Through headshot photography Sandi’s talents are unbounded, able to convey an individual’s personality through the use of striking headshot photography, which has made Sandi extremely sought after as a headshot photographer.