Model Portfolio Photographer

"Model Portfolio Photographer"I just received an enquiry for a Model Portfolio Photographer in Manchester after the girl in question had seen some of my recent work on my Facebook page. I’m so glad I invested in my new Canon lens it gives me so much more flexibility in the sort of work I can produce, I recently took some shots for Maverick Model Agency in Manchester using my new lens, see attached pic on this blog.

Over the years I have worked as a Photographer on Model Portfolio’s for most agencies and individuals throughout the North West of England and wether it’s an Agency or individual they are all looking for that same magical shot that captures the model’s looks and attitude and obviously shows them in the best light.

As a Model Portfolio Photographer it is imperative to work closely with the model in question, guiding them into strong body shapes and depending on what sector they are looking to work in create a look that compliments that side of the fashion business.