Family Portrait Photographer

Just setting up my studio for my next booking as a Family Portrait Photographer a family of six have booked me for a Father’s Day present for next week. I’ve had a busy day today, travelling to Woodford, Stockport to check on a location for a wedding I’m working on this weekend. I always make a point of visiting any new location I’ll be working in getting an idea of where the light is likely to be also deciding on areas I can use to my best advantage.

One of the biggest challenges working as a Portrait Photographer with a Family is attempting to capture everyone’s personality within a group shot, with this in mind I will always attempt to make all my subject matter feel at ease and make the shot as natural as possible, without anyone having to force a smile.

As a Family Portrait Photographer I’m fortunate to have my own studio with all my own equipment including; lights, lenses, backdrops etc being in a familar environment allows me to concentrate on capturing the personalities and character of a family, resulting in some memorable shots.